For the first time in years statistics show that global abandoned cart rates have risen significantly,  to 74.52%.  This means that only 1/4th of all potential sales are actually completed! Although that number is scary, abandoned carts give you the opportunity to gather valuable data and demonstrate your superior customer service. Fortunately, Autoresponder Max has the tips and tools you need to create a critical feedback loop and quadruple your sales!

Building your Database

Many visitors won’t buy your product the first time they visit the store, so think of an abandoned cart as an opportunity to grow. A visitor’s online behavior fulfills a lot of micro-conversions which you can use to analyze and optimize your site, discover weak areas, and areas that could use more marketing focus.

Use a pop-up signaled by exit intent to gather first names and email addresses, as well as allowing users to save a record of their cart for purchase at a later date.  This will simultaneously increase your database and offer your customers an easy way to return to their cart. Another way to incentivize visitors to join your database is to offer a discount for subscribing to your newsletter. If you don’t already send out a regular newsletter, check out Autoresponder Max’s easy template!

Remarketing with Emails

Abandoned cart emails are excellent ways to increase conversion rates. Statistics show that half of all abandoned cart emails are opened and ⅓ of the clicks convert to purchases, so a good email campaign can more than double your ecommerce conversions! Of all the features of Autoresponder Max, we hear that this is the one that makes our clients the most money.

Experts recommend that you send the first email within the first 24 hours of the initial abandonment. Though seemingly obvious, timing and link inclusion are the most critical parts of an abandoned cart email, and should not be forgotten. Make sure to include the abandoned item and a link that leads directly to their abandoned cart or basket. This reminds your potential customer about your product while providing a visual stimulus to revisit the site.

75% of people reported that their abandoned carts had to do with price when tax and shipping are all factored in. By offering an incentive or discount, you can increase your ecommerce rate by up to 263%. Another approach to the discount tactic is to offer a small percentage off if they increase the overall items they purchase. For example, if a customer has a $50 abandoned cart, offer them a 5% discount if they spend an additional $25. Placing a time limit on these discounts can increase the urgency associated with purchase while reminding the customer when their cart will expire can serve as a powerful psychological sales trigger.

Sending abandoned cart emails gives you the opportunity to showcase your customer service. Incorporate a direct line to customer service by listing the phone number in the email or including a link to an online chat box. You can even take quality customer service even further by including a “we miss you” email at the end of your abandoned cart campaign to develop a personalized relationship with your customer.

Another effective email is to offer your visitor other products they may like. This cross selling method has been proven to be extremely successful, and can be easily achieved through Autoresponder Max’s convenient templates. Autoresponder Max will format your emails based on the colors in your logo and has numerous customizable options to enhance individual email presentation–allowing you to cater to each customer’s specific needs.

Finally, include the order total, shipping costs, cart expiration date, and the expected arrival date in your email to make the transaction as clear as possible for the potential customer. Similarly, include money back guarantees, shipping deals, return policies, and reviews to demonstrate the quality of your services. Reviews are especially important as 60% of visitors will only purchase if product reviews are 4+. If you don’t already have a system in place for collecting and showcasing reviews, Autoresponder Max has a comprehensive feature that allows older customers to recommend their favorite products to new customers.

Your abandoned cart “email” can increase effectiveness when treated as an email campaign. Spreading out the different components listed above into two or three emails keeps the individual messages simple and allows the cart to be fresh on the customer’s mind for an extended period of time. Through Autoresponder Max, you can set up an automated campaign that is customized for each abandoned cart. To learn more about Autoresponder Max’s remarketing abilities, check out our comprehensive list of features, request a demo, or get started on your free trial today.