We live in a world driven by metrics and recently we noticed that the average revenue generated by Autoresponder Max users was well over $6,000.00/month (actually $6,145.38). Fortunately no one sprained their arm while patting themselves on the back for providing such a great return on a $99/month investment.

So you’re thinking “HEY! You’ve got big e-commerce sites that skew the data”, and you’d be right. So let’s talk about the median… which if you go back to 5th grade math you’ll remember is the number right in the middle of the long column of customers, half are above and half are below.  The median number is $1,121.78/month which means that even small sites are recovering sales from abandoned carts and generating WAY more than the $99/month it costs for the product.

I’m back.  I had to take my hand off the keyboard for a minute to pat myself on the back again after seeing that median number.

What are you waiting for? Christmas?  Or more appropriately Black Friday or Cyber Monday?  Abandoned cart recovery, cross-sell, customer follow-up, first purchase response (I’ll admit I’m reading a PowerPoint slide and there are six more features) are all yours for just $99/month. Sign up today or contact us to speak with an expert.