Each template within Autoresponder Max requires a set of variables that are needed for it to work.  These variables are pre-defined and contain data like customer, order, or cart, and store information.  This pre-defined set is documented within the template area of the Advanced Settings.

The Advanced Settings of each email campaign allows for additions to the pre-defined set.  These are usually provided to allow for configuration of what is rendered within the template.  Each variable contains simply just a Name and a Value seen below.Advanced Settings Additional Template Variables

The Name should be underscored and lowercased string, which follows Liquid Templating Language conventions.  The Value is just static, it can contain anything up to 255 characters.  Please note that any pre-defined variables with the same name will take precedence over the ones defined under Advanced Settings.

To use the variable (often referred to as “assigns” by Liquid), simply reference it by the Name within the email campaign templates or within the visual editor.  For example, adding a variable with Name “my_test” and Value “hello” can just display the value “hello” using {{my_test}}.

A more practical example of how these variables are used, the Cross-Sell email campaign had a variable defined under the Advanced Settings area named “product_suggestions_maximum”.  The value in this variable is used to define the maximum number of suggestions to display within the email campaign.  This way, the value is independent of an actual template and can be modified in a more straightforward location.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact support. We hope you have a wonderful experience with Autoresponder Max!