So we just had a client on a call and they said “I HATE newsletters!” when we told him that you can have a newsletter sign up and send your newsletters from Autoreponder Max.  If you don’t fall in the hater category, here are five tips for writing great newsletters.

Make the subject line pithy

Admit it. You scan your inbox and delete stuff that’s not interesting. So do your clients, so make them want to open the newsletter.

90% educational, 10% promotional

We all want to promote, promote, promote, but a newsletter should be informational, informative, educational and timely.  If your newsletter is all self promotion, it will get discarded quickly.

Tone and ‘tude

Your company has an attitude. Make sure the tone of the newsletter matches the attitude of the company.

Size Matters

If you’re sending out frequent emails, keep them short. If you’re sending out occasional emails (quarterly? bi-annually?) then beef them up a bit.

Pick one “call to action”

If you want someone to do something, make it clear and keep it simple. If you’re putting multiple “call to action” areas in your newsletter, it’s confusing and people are likely to do nothing rather than everything.

Okay, here’s my one “call to action”:  Sign up for Autoresponder Max.  It addresses the newsletter issues if you love them, and 10 other things if you hate them, all for just $99/month.  What are you waiting for?

(by the way, the guy that hates newsletters bought the software even though he’ll probably never send one. His issue was abandoned cart recovery, and we fix that in our sleep).