RESOLVED: All stores affected by the recent service disruption, caused by Volusion’s recent password update, have been contacted. Instructions have been sent to the stores impacted by this change and all other issues related to these recent changes have been resolved. Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you again for your patience!

UPDATE: Some stores have now received the error message “has been deactivated because Autoresponder Max failed to correctly change your password”, we are currently looking into the issue at hand.  All stores with this issue have been temporarily turned back on.

UPDATE: Please follow the steps below to update your Volusion email password in the Autoresponder Max dashboard.

  • Log into the Autoresponder Max Dashboard
    Click Edit Store Settings
    In the Login Information section you will see the email address that links your Volusion Store to your Autoresponder Max account.
  • Open a new tab or window to log into your Volusion Admin and reset the password for the email address
    Per Volusion, your new password must be between 8 – 20 characters and contain the following:
    -Uppercase Letter
    -Lowercase Letter
    -Special Character
  • Once you have updated the password in Volusion, paste the password into your Autoresponder Max Login Information area in the Store Password field
    After your new password has been validated in Autoresponder Max, you can manually turn your store back on.


A recent Volusion change has created volatility with automatic password modification and correct reporting of issues with the Volusion account.  Some users may see the error message “deactivated because it couldn’t figure out which version of Volusion is running on your store.”  We are currently working to resolve any stores impacted by this issue.  Please feel free to contact support if you have any questions.