Abandoned cart customers and how to win them back

Knowing what type of customers you have can help your company decide how to target and remarket them. To make things easy, Autoresponder Max has compiled a list of eight common shopper types and given you ways to bring them back to your online store. We’ll cover four types this week, and another four next week.

1. Bargain Shopper

This shopper is looking for great deals. In many cases, they value the discount more than the product itself–they do not necessarily need the product, but find the deal is too good to pass up.

To cater to this shopper:

  1. Clearly list all prices: If the shopper has a hard time finding the cost of your product, he or she will most likely assume it’s too high and abandon ship. To avoid this, make sure to post your price big and bold next to the name of your product.
  2. Highlight all sales and promotions: Even if it is just a small percentage difference, be sure to make the lower cost more visible than the original price and highlight the juxtaposition.
  3. Make discounts easy to use: If you’re offering a discount or promotion, make it user friendly! Provide instructions and streamline the process. You may want offer a discount code in a newsletter sent out with Autoresponder Max.
  4. Offer Benefits: Consider providing seasonal discounts or free delivery to appeal to this shopper.

2. Price sensitive shopper

Like the bargain hunter, this shopper loves a good deal. However, unlike the bargain hunter, this shopper is generally looking for a specific product and has a particular budget. He or she will search multiple sites and carefully consider all options to find the product with the best value per dollar before purchasing.

To cater to this shopper:

  1. Increase value: To incentivize the shopper without decreasing the price, maximize the services provided to the customer by offering optional return services, responsive customer service, and smooth site organization.
  2. Show benefits: To get the shopper to focus less on the price, draw their attention to the features and benefits of a product. Provide detailed descriptions and offer a compare tool to demonstrate the higher value of your product.
  3. Bundle products: Deliver the best value by grouping together products that complement each other and offer a small discount for buying them together. Autoresponder Max has an easy cross-selling feature that recommends commonly paired products to customers based on purchase history.

3. Features and benefits shopper

The features and benefits shopper is comparable to the price sensitive shopper in his or her inclination towards added services, but not in price concerns. This shopper is willing to pay more for quality product messaging and premium service, and is interested in the highest quality products, not dollar per value.

To cater to this shopper:

  1. Offer a comparison tool: Instead of focussing on prices, deliver a tool that displays product and service centric differentiators. Make the benefits of your product very clear.
  2. Construct a detailed product page: This shopper has neither the time nor interest to shop by price, so providing a comprehensive and concise product page is key. This way the shopper can make his or her buying decision based on specific needs
  3. Consider added benefits: Promises such as guaranteed satisfaction, optional return day policy, free shipping, extended warranty options all appeal to this shopper. Additionally, premium service offers like fast delivery options are highly enticing.

4. Researcher

Similar to the price sensitive shopper and features and benefits shopper, the researcher tends to look for a particular product and has a specific budget. Like the features and benefits shopper, the researcher isn’t concerned with price as much as quality. To buy anything, this shopper has to be absolutely certain that the product is suited for his or her individual needs. This shopper knows what they need, but not the best product to satisfy that need, and will conduct rigorous research to find out.

To cater to this shopper:

  1. Provide Resources: This shopper is concerned they will buy an ill-equipped or wrong product, and will compare specs, feature lists, and technical details to ensure they have the right product. Show them your product is ideal by making these resources accessible and organized on your website.
  2. Showcase Reviews and Testimonials: Oftentimes, this shopper relies on customer reviews and expert opinions in order to guarantee satisfaction with the product. Showcasing testimonials from real people makes a big difference–and collecting reviews are easy with Autoresponder Max’s review campaign.
  3. Consider Standalone Education: Sometimes providing information without a specific product attached to it can build customer trust. Writing a blog that shows pros and cons of multiple comparable products demonstrates your expertise as an industry leader.

I’m sure you recognize all these shopper types, and perhaps have built your web site to attract the ones that match your unique solutions and products.  Next week we’ll tackle four additional types including the “Need it now!” and the “Window shopper”.

Remember that Autoresponder Max has features that are built in to help you address each of these different types of shoppers and increase your conversion rates to put more money in your pocket. Start your free trial today!