Abandoned cart customers and how to win them back

Last week we looked at four different types of shoppers and how your site can address each one.  Those included the “Bargain shopper”, the “Price Sensitive shopper”, the “Features and Advantages shopper” and the “Researcher”.  This week we look at another four types of shoppers and give you the tips you need to get them to buy.

1. Need it now! shopper

The need it now shopper needs a streamlined process: time and convenience are essential. Like the researcher discussed last week, this shopper values quality over all else; however, they have already done their research and have a very specific product in mind. The store with the smoothest and fastest service will win over this shopper.

To cater to this shopper:

  1. Optimize speed of site: By enhancing the navigation and design of your pages, your store ensures a speedy checkout for a shopper that can get easily lost.
  2. Simplify checkout: The best checkout for this shopper is a one page process. However, if that’s not possible simplify your checkout to the best of your ability: reduce steps, include inline validation forms, and display a progress to completion bar. If possible include a premium shipping offer, so the customer can get their product as fast as possible.
  3. Include a search option: This shopper is impatient and spends only a few hours online per month. Making sure your products are SEO ready and that your site has a functioning search tool increases your chances of snagging this shopper.

2. Window shopper

Online shopping is more of a hobby for this shopper, who will browse the store as a pastime. The window shopper wants to be involved, is looking for an experience, and wants to feel like an exclusive member.

To cater to this shopper:

  1. Abandoned cart emails: Personalized abandoned cart emails (like the ones provided by Autoresponder Max) can increase sales by 30% for these types of shoppers. These unique emails enhance the user experience for the shopper, making him or her more loyal to your company’s brand.
  2. Loyalty programs: Creating a tiered membership program or an exclusive group for shoppers with benefits draws in these types of shoppers. They place a high value on feeling exclusive, especially in fashion, beauty, and luxury industries.
  3. Create a website experience: Since this is a pastime, make the experience as positive as possible. Optimize design, navigation, SEO, and checkout. Build a relationship with this shopper by crafting an unforgettable website from start to finish.

3. Active shopper

Like the window shopper, this shopper loves an enriching shopping experience. However, unlike the window whopper, this tech-savvy shopper is known to visit your site multiple times in the span of two weeks and make numerous purchases. The active shopper can be a very valuable customer making it important to nurture a harmonious relationship with him or her.

To cater to this shopper:

  1. Provide a range of information: The active shopper likes to take his or her time making decisions and cultivates tastes with favorite brands by pursuing ongoing engagement. Providing extra product information develops the customer’s trust in your industry expertise and also allows them to interact with your site more, making it more personal.
  2. Send notes of appreciation: Like we mentioned, this shopper can be an invaluable customer, so be sure to send notes of appreciation to build their brand loyalty. The active shopper tends to choose and stick with certain brands, so it’s important to remain attentive to them. Autoresponder Max can automate this process for you.
  3. Deliver interesting content: To enhance the experience send relevant and informative emails. This shopper appreciates a range of information and the individual attention paid to him or her. A great way to do this is with an Autoresponder Max newsletter.
  4. Consider features and perks: Like previous shopper types, the active shopper tends to make decisions not on price, but quality of service. By offering free shipping, money back guarantees, quality customer service, etc., you show the customer that your company deserves their trust.

4. Trend  shopper

This shopper is a hybrid of the need it now and active shoppers. The trend shopper is always looking for the newest updates and upgrades, and is especially common in quickly changing industries like beauty, fashion, and industry. These shoppers make fast decisions and spend money on high end retail brands, if you can establish brand loyalty.

To cater to this shopper:

  1. Target emails: Be informative without spamming customers by tailoring emails with relative content and products. Products recommended based on preferences have a big impact on these shoppers; this can be easily achieved through Autoresponder Max’s convenient templates.
  2. Keep the shopper informed: Since the trend shopper upgrades frequently, he or she needs to know the schedule of products coming out. Satisfy this customer by updating them about what is fresh and instyle, and remarket them based on the same trends.
  3. Provide features and benefits: The trend shopper, like shoppers that came before, makes many decisions based on features and benefits, not prices. So again, consider offering free shipping, money back guarantees, fast delivery, etc.

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