Online reviews are becoming more important every day! Recent studies show that almost 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, and the significance consumers place on online reviews is rising across all industries. To help meet the need for business and product reviews, Autoresponder Max has a convenient review collecting feature that can be automatically sent out shortly after your buyer receives his or her purchase. If you aren’t already making online reviews a priority, here’s why you should start:

1. Quality over quantity

According to Reevoo, 50+ reviews per product can result in a 4.6% increase in conversion rates, but that doesn’t mean you should create fake reviews.. Reviews that do not seem authentic can actually hurt your company more than a smaller amount of reviews will. Here’s an interesting fact:  products with 4.5 stars sell 3x more than products rated 5 stars, because the product seems more authentic, so don’t worry about the occasional less than 5 star review. The more reviews you have and the more honest they seem, the more you will sell, as long as the negative doesn’t outweigh the positive.

2. Alienation vs. trust

When you don’t showcase your reviews, you risk alienating potential customers, while positive reviews engender trust.  Statistics show that:

  • 86% of consumers will hesitate to buy from a business that has mostly negative online reviews
  • 72% of consumers will only act after reading a positive review
  • Consumers can spend up to 31% more when a business has excellent reviews

Reputation management can’t be ignored because it directly affects company revenue and customer acquisition. Reviews are a testament to your company’s quality of product, customer service, and professionalism–which is why the majority of users trust online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation.

3. SEO Upgrade

In addition to building consumer trust, online reviews provide an SEO boost due to all of the unique content they generate. Each new review increases the number of details on your product page, giving your site higher authority and making it more relevant in organic search rankings. In any case, reviews are much more valuable to SEO than repetitive manufacturing descriptions. Similarly, star rankings show up under PPC advertisements, making your product stand out from similar PPC ads that do not have reviews.

4. Collect

So how do you convince people to review your products? If you use a service like Autoresponder Max, you simply have to connect to a reviews provider and the software will do the work for you.  Set an automatic timer that goes out after the customer has had enough time to receive the product and start using it, but not so late that the product is no longer fresh in the customer’s mind. Additionally, ask for reviews on the product page itself, and make all review processes as simple as possible. Some companies choose to offer incentives, like entering a free giveaway contest for participating in the reviews program. This simple set-up could drastically increase your customer relations: for example, in this inspiring case, an automatic email increased customer feedback by more than 400%.

5. Optimize

Once you have your reviews, be sure to optimize them so that they provide the maximum benefit to your customers. Microformat reviews on the site so that content-rich answers are featured on the top. Amazon bumps the most helpful reviews to the top, and balances negative and positive ones for an unbiased opinion. Furthermore, Amazon’s “Was this review helpful to you?” was responsible for $2.7 billion dollars of revenue in a single year. You can utilize reviews even further by allowing a filtered navigation by reviews. Not every customer takes the time to read all the available content, so display the average review score next to the product name. Arranging your reviews in an easy and visible manner makes all the difference to a browsing customer.

Reputation management is extremely important as it builds the reliability, expertise, and professionalism of your company. Remember, if you already have many positive reviews, a single bad review cannot severely damage the reputation of your company. So sign up for your free trial now, and start collecting your reviews with Autoresponder Max today.