How it Works: Introduction


Strong business owners inspire us. We watch the ones who understand the value of customer communication, and who know that the key to success in this growing age of faceless business owners is making a personal connection with their customers. We watched many of you as your want to keep in touch with each and every one of your customers made you successful, and we wanted to help.

We crafted Autoresponder Max from the ground up as we watched the leaders in online shopping and Ecommerce push past any boundaries they found, growing their businesses from pen-scratched ideas on cocktail napkins, to enterprise level services or bustling shopping sites. We set to work and crafted a tool to be ready for every opportunity in the evolving omnichannel world that a business owner would find to keep in touch with a customer, all in one application. Now, with a dash of your input, Autoresponder Max will be ready to jump in the ring on your behalf, to create and keep your important relationships alive.

Getting Started is Easy

We made syncing Autoresponder Max to your store a breeze. When you sign up, we’ll ask you to enter your store’s URL & login credentials, as well as API credentials. In less than five minutes, Autoresponder Max will be ready and its gears will be turning, tracking customer actions on your site for use with your email campaigns.

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What Autoresponder Max Is Made Of

We wanted to make using Autoresponder Max easy. Starting from the ground up, we designed our interface to be simple and intuitive, with no unnecessary questions or information getting in your way.

We Keep Our House Tidy

We made the pages of our dashboard simple to navigate, so you can create & customize email campaigns in only few quick clicks, and get back to growing your business. Create & customize email campaigns in minutes. Check reports at a glance. Easy access to customer support (not that you’ll need us very often). Autoresponder Max Dashboard

How Does Autoresponder Max Know When to Send Your Emails?

How it Works

We’re glad you asked.

At the center of it all, Autoresponder Max is an app. You install this app into your store’s platform, very similarly to installing one on your smartphone or tablet.

Once installed, Autoresponder Max begins observing what users are doing on your site, such as putting items into carts, signing up for your newsletter, or even just leaving. For each of these occasions, there’s an email template for you to customize and tailor, which Autoresponder Max will send to reach out to your customers when the conditions are met.

They’ll think you read their minds.

Tag Team

While we can’t speak to your telepathic prowess, we can let you know that Autoresponder Max takes more of a team effort. With your input, this automatic email marketing tool becomes armed to take on once-lost opportunities from your site. When you create an email campaign for your store, you’re actually letting Autoresponder Max know to look for certain actions that your customers might take, which you’d like it to react to. When the user takes the desired action, Autoresponder Max queues up your email campaign, and after a specified delay, your email is launched into their inbox (not their brains).

Keep It On A Short Leash

Control freaks, you’ll love our advanced campaign settings. Your email campaigns can be updated at any time through our editor, and when you’re ready, our advanced settings give you even more specific controls. In under a minute, you can evolve Autoresponder Max from using the industry researched best practices for time delays, frequencies of email sent, and ROI tracking to your homebrew for success.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Looking Classy Has Never Been Easier

Aside from helping businesses recognize which of our emails would be best sent, we knew making them easy to customize would be the most important thing we could do. We’ve designed and re-designed our interface to make sure that crafting your important messages would be as simple as point, click, & create.

Our latest email editor offers three methods of editing your content, to ensure everything can be designed and look just how you want it. Because, hey, what’s the point in sending something you’re not confident in?

Start Things Off Right

Start Things Off Right

Put your store’s logo in the header of every email with a few quick clicks, and start boosting brand recognition immediately!

Make It Personal

Make It Personal

Nothing beats getting a personal note. Reach out to customers with a personal touch and address your customers by name in every email.

Show Them What Matters

Show Them What Matters

Some of our email templates showcase products that customers were looking at, or placed in their cart before they left the site. Autoresponder Max’s application keeps track of each of these products for every user, and dynamically inserts them neatly into your emails, showing your customers what matters most to them.

Your John Hancock

Your John Hancock

It’s not just a signature, it’s the finishing touch of your outreach and what many customers will remember most about your email. Autoresponder Max’s templates serve as a portal back to your website, as well as a personal thank you.

Reporting How You Like It

We know that just because Autoresponder Max is automatic doesn’t mean that you won’t want to keep an eye on it. Our reports page keeps all of your information in one place and will automatically update itself at regular intervals with data from all of your campaigns, so you can keep up with what your customers are responding to and watch revenue come marching in.

Busy at the moment? Take the high-level view and see the volume of emails that Autoresponder Max sends out each day for all of your campaigns combined, or get comfy in your chair and sift through data for each campaign, one at a time. See clicks, views, and revenue at a glance. You can even see the emails your customers receive, directly as they show up in their inboxes.

Autoresponder Max Reports