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Universal Integrations allows any store owner on a currently unsupported platform to use AutoResponder Max, by allowing data to be sent from their store to the Autoresponder Max API. Establishing a data feed will require a bit of programming from a Developer on your Ecommerce platform, but can be done so with minimal trouble.

There are four major types of data: Carts, Customers, Orders and Products. In addition, the optional Advanced Tracking can be setup on the customer facing portion in order to collect additional data for further options. The API endpoints are documentated here, and a developer must modify your Ecommerce platform to have the data pushed via the documented API endpoints (this is the data feed). Without making this update, Autoresponder Max will not be able to receive any data from your store.

To get started using the Autoresponder Max API, navigate to the API section under Advanced Settings of your store where you’ll find the token used for authentication of the API.

For Advanced Tracking, found under “Store Settings” in Autoresponder Max, two HTML snippets must be setup within your Ecommerce Platform templates. Each HTML snippet has placeholder values that must be setup by your favorite developer to be replaced with actual values.

Want further explanation of the Universal Integration? Feel free to contact support.