Due to a recent Volusion change, some accounts with “Automatically update the password upon expiration” enabled are experiencing issues with access to the Volusion store from Autoresponder Max. You may receive a notification regarding this issue. We will be fixing issue per account and will contact you if anything is needed. Please do not hesitate to contact support at support@autorespondermax.com if you have any questions.

UPDATE (1/15/2015 2:46 PM EST): The issue for some Volusion stores was caused by Autoresponder Max automatically generating passwords that could contain a semi-colon. This was previously allowed for a Volusion password and still is allowed to change the password with the semi-colon. However, trying to login using a password with a semi-colon will trigger a SQL injection attack prevention mechanism at Volusion. The issue initially started occurring on 1/7/2015 at around 11 AM UTC, this probably when a Volusion change was made. Though, all passwords that are changed are tested and rolled back if failed, none of the password changes failed and worked correctly before that point.

All accounts that can be corrected by us have been corrected, any others we have contacted the account holder with details on how to resolve this issue.

We will follow up with a postmortem and preventions of this issue in the future.

UPDATE (1/27/2015 2:26 PM EST): Re-visiting this issue it appears Volusion has now corrected the problem and semi-colon is now allowed within the password. This corrects the original problem in its entirety.

POSTMORTEM: Integration with Volusion will be updated to specifically recognize this condition, though it may not mitigate future changes by Volusion.