Autoresponder Max recently made some changes to how we track conversions from our email campaigns. A conversion is when a customer makes a purchase in an online store, essentially when they go from being a shopper to an actual customer. The goal of Autoresponder Max is to increase a store’s conversion rate through email remarketing. We offer a variety of email campaigns, each with the goal of bringing shoppers and customers back to your store to make a purchase. We use  these conversion metrics in our reporting dashboard, giving our clients a snapshot of revenue attributed to Autoresponder Max at all times, which gives our clients valuable ROI data, and allows them to easily measure the performance of each email campaign for their online business. Conversion tracking is an important part of how Autoresponder Max proves it’s value to our clients.

Tracking conversions can sometimes be a challenge, and is limited by the data a site has. Previously, conversion tracking was handled by Advanced Tracking.  Specifically, this was handled by a HTML/JavaScript snippet that was added to the order confirmation page of the store.  What would happen, when the client had it setup, is that the customer would place an order and the snippet would gather information about the order and send it to Autoresponder Max.  This is actually how most web analytic tools work (e.g. Google Analytics).

 However, this is prone to a couple of problems:
  • The customer may leave the page or stop the browser before the snippet works
  • The customer may have something turned off or something is broken where the snippet will not work
  • The customer has Do Not Track (DNT) enabled, which Autoresponder Max respects
  • The eCommerce platform does NOT show an order confirmation page for some payment methods (e.g. PayPal)
  • Missing a cookie needed to associate customer with an email

With the changes we’ve made, instead of simply relying on Advanced Tracking, the site will analyze ALL incoming orders.  If the customer received an email and did something with it within a set time frame and certain information match the order, the order will now be considered a conversion.  Essentially, this is allowing multiple sources for the same data, this is a newer and hopefully more plentiful source. We feel this will give more complete and accurate conversion data, and will capture conversions that were made that could possibly have been missed before – even due to something as simple as the Advanced Tracking being set up incorrectly.

We think this change will give our clients the big picture in conversion data – and prove how valuable a tool Autoresponder Max can really be for your online business!

As always, contact our team at if you have any questions regarding this update, or need assistance interpreting your dashboard metrics.