You know you need Abandoned Cart Recovery which is why you’re looking here, right? As a reminder of why you need Abandoned Cart Recovery, the e-commerce research gurus at the Baymard Institute tell us that 70% of carts are abandoned before the purchase is complete, a number that has been consistent for the past nine years.

SEVENTY PERCENT a year for NINE YEARS!  (sigh)

What are you waiting for?  Maybe you don’t think you can afford to have sophisticated software because you’re not on an enterprise or professional platform.  That’s where you would be mistaken my friend, and where Autoresponder Max makes your world a better place.

Volusion. Shopify. BigCommerce. Mangento. Mozu. Other platforms… it doesn’t matter.

Connect.  Customize. Cash the check.

Want to talk to an expert or sign up for a free trial?  It’s easy, and it works. It’s time to bring your shoppers back.